Services Provided to Student-Athletes

Academic Programs


Academic Advising

What does a CATS Academic Advisor do? CATS_6-12-13_69_CW

  • Directs the provision of all CATS resources to student-athletes in assigned sports
  • Works closely with college advisors to ensure the best schedule of classes for each student
  • Monitors the academic progress of assigned student-athletes
  • Assists student-athletes in developing Individual Educational Plans
  • Monitors the continuing eligibility of student-athletes in assigned sports
  • Informs coaches of the academic progress of all student-athletes
  • Compiles an evaluative, semester academic report for each team advised

Life Skills

Career Development Program

In collaboration with the James W. Stuckert Career Center on campus, CATS Career Development CATS_6-12-13_48_CWProgram:

  • Helps student-athletes explore majors
  • Assists in determining careers of interest
  • Aids with résumé and cover letter preparation
  • Subscribes to Career Athletes website that employers access to find potential employees
  • Coordinates personal development seminars directed at the progress of value-driven life skills

Personal Development Program

  • The University of Kentucky Athletics Department has made a commitment to the personal and life skills development of our student-athletes. The purpose of this program is to inform student-athletes on issues concerning their social development, personal health, fundamental values, emotional health, peer education and counseling, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Sample Personal Development Seminars:
  • Alcohol Responsibility (participation required annually)
  • Implications of Sports Betting
  • Nutrition and Eating Disorders
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Character and You
  • Relationship Violence
  • Sexual Responsibility
  • Money Management and Credit Cards
  • Social Networking Responsibility
  • Leadership

C.A.T.S.Learning Disabilities Program

The Director of Academic Services, in conjunction with psychologists and the University of Kentucky Disability Resource Center, strives to ensure that student-athletes with learning disabilities are provided appropriate services. Incoming freshmen student-athletes who have a documented learning disability should contact both the UK coach who recruited them and the CATS Director of Academic Services as soon as a Letter-of-Intent is signed. Further psycho-educational testing may be suggested. For those student-athletes who are diagnosed with a learning disability, the psychologist offers learning strategies, the Disability Resource Center provides accommodations, and the CATS’ staff helps the student formulate an individualized success plan.

The Jerry Claiborne Study Center

The Jerry Claiborne Study room is a large facility dedicated to providing a quiet environment where all student-athletes can study. The quiet area is monitored and available whenever CATS is open. Many universities provide a quiet study hall in the evenings for their student-athletes, but the CATS Program advantage is that the Jerry Claiborne Study Center allows student-athletes to complete their required quiet study hours anytime during the day.

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