CATS Staff


      • Ten full-time academic counselors — one Learning specialist — one Tutor/Mentor Program Coordinator
      • One Life Skills Coordinator
        • Career Development – Community Outreach – Personal Development
      • 12 Academic Graduate Assistants/Academic Service Assistants
      • CATS staff who have been recognized for their commitment to student-athletes include:
        • Bob Bradley — Recipient of numerous awards: N4A Lan Hewlett Advisor of the Year Award (1992), The College Football Association Advisor of the year (1989), President of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (1988) and the Division 1A Athletics Directors Association CHAMPS Life Skills Administrator of the Year (1999)
        • Barb Deniston – N4A Lan Hewlett Advisor of the Year Award (2007), Sarah Bennett Holmes Nominee (2006), N4A Distinguished Service Award (2000)
        • Amy Craiglow –Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor Award (2006)
        • Mike Haley — Lifetime Achievement Award (2003)
        • Tiffany Hayden – Sarah Bennett Holmes Nominee (2014)
        • Mike Pirrman – Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor Award (2014); NACADA Region III Outstanding Academic Advisor Award for the State of Kentucky (2014); Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Advising – Primary Role from the National Division of NACADA (2014)
        • Bob Bradley – Associate Athletics Director for Student Services/Men’s & Women’s Swimming & Diving, Learning Services
          • Bob BradleyBob Bradley has been a member of the University of Kentucky Athletics Administrative staff since 1977. He has served both as Assistant Athletics Director for Student Services and later as Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and at one time also served as the Director of Compliance… full bioemail
        • Chatham Boyer – Academics Counselor/Football
          • Chatham BoyerChatham Boyer started her career at the University of Kentucky as a student-athlete in 2006 as a member of the swimming and diving team. During her time on the team, she was team captain and a four-time NCAA qualifier. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2011, she became a peer tutor in finance, economics, and statistic courses for other student-athletes at the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services. Realizing how much she enjoyed helping student-athletes, she became an Academic Graduate Assistant for the Football team in the fall of 2011. During that time, she pursued her graduate degree from the Martin School of Public Policy and earned a Master in Public Administration focusing on educational policy… full bioemail
        • D’Ann Blankenship – Administrative Staff Associate
          • D'Ann Blankenship D’Ann Blankenship began her career in athletics in 1996, working for both the administration and serving as an assistant to the UK Football defensive coordinator. She joined the Center for Academic & Tutorial Services staff in the fall of 1997. She currently serves as the administrative assistant to Bob Bradley, UK Associate Athletic Director for Student Services. D’Ann also oversees the daily office management of one of the largest athletic academic centers in the country. email
        • Amy Craiglow – Academic Counselor/Men’s Golf, Volleyball & Softball
          • Amy Craiglow Amy Craiglow, an Academic Counselor, joined the Center for Academic & Tutorial Services staff in the fall of 1997. Craiglow serves as the Softball, Volleyball and Men’s golf counselor. She has worked with Men’s and Women’s Golf, Women’s Tennis, Softball, Volleyball and Men’s and Women’s Basketball during her tenure at Kentucky. She is a graduate of Francis Marion University and West Virginia University. At Francis Marion, Craiglow lettered in Softball and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. She received her Master’s degree from West Virginia in Sport Management… full bioemail
        • Barb Deniston – Director of Learning Services
          • Barb Deniston Barbara Deniston received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Reading Education from the University of Kentucky. Barb has been employed by UK’s Athletics Department’s Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS) since it first opened, and currently serves as the Director of Academic Services. Barb was instrumental in evolving the Student-Athlete Development program. She directed the academic advising program for the University of Kentucky football team from 1998-2015.… full bioemail
        • Rita Griffith – Tutor/Mentor Coordinator
          • Rita Griffith Rita began working at the University of Kentucky in 1983. She has served as the Tutor Program Coordinator since 2009. Before coming to CATS Rita worked in both the Athletics Business Office and Football Offices… full bioemail
        • Mike Haley – Director of Advising Services/Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer & Gymnastics
          • Mike Haley Mike Haley began working in CATS as a graduate assistant in 1987. He is currently the Director of Advising Services and academic advisor for men’s and women’s soccer and gymnastics. Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s in Sports Administration from the University of Kentucky. email
        • Tiffany Hayden – Academic Counselor/Women’s Basketball, Rifle & Women’s Tennis
          • Tiffany Hayden Tiffany Hayden began working at CATS in the fall of 2009. She is the academic counselor for Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis, and Rifle. As a counselor, Tiffany serves as the liaison between student-athletes, coaches, and on-campus faculty and staff. She works closely with student-athletes to ensure they have all of the tools needed to be successful upon graduation from the University of Kentucky. Her other responsibilities include assisting with the CATS recruiting efforts and National Student-Athlete Day Activities… full bioemail
        • Dustin Lewis – Life Skills Coordinator
          • Dustin Lewis began working at the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS) in 2006 and has served as CATS Life Skills Coordinator since the Fall of 2009. Dustin, who is originally from Elizabethtown, Ky., worked as an administrative support associate at CATS from 2006-2008 before taking over as the academic counselor for rifle, women’s golf, and the men’s and women’s track teams in 2008-09… full bioemail
        • Heather McAtee – Assistant Athletics Director for Academics and Eligibility
          • Heather McAtee began working at the University of Kentucky in 2006. As the assistant athletics director for academics and eligibility, her main duties include overseeing the eligibility certification process, the APR collection and submission process, the sport agent registration process, all waiver submissions and the secondary violation reporting process. … full bioemail
        • Sandy Morgan – Administrative Staff Associate
          • Sandy Morgan joined the CATS staff in the fall of 2014 and serves as the administrative assistant to Bob Bradley, UK Associate Athletics Director for Student Services. However, she is a long-time member of the athletics department. Her experience includes the business office, personnel office, athletic directors’ office, and softball office. email
        • Mike Pirrman – Academic Counselor/Football
          • Mike Pirrman Mike, who is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, served as a Graduate Assistant at CATS from 2001-2003 for Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, and Volleyball. In 2005, he was named Academic Coordinator at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, TX where he worked specifically with the Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs. In 2014-15, Mike also served as the academic counselor for Women’s Golf.… full bioemail
        • Josh Ray – Academic Counselor/Men’s Track & Field/Women’s Golf
          • Josh Ray Josh Ray has been with the University of Kentucky since August 2014, initially serving as an Academic Service Assistant in CATS for a wide variety of sports, including Women’s Golf, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Men’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Track and Field, and Men’s and Women’s Cross Country.… full bioemail
        • Passion Richardson – Academic Counselor/Women’s Track and Field & Cross Country, Men’s Tennis
          • Passion Richardson Passion Richardson, an Academic Counselor to the Women’s Track and Field and Men’s Tennis teams serves as liaison between student-athletes, coaches, and on-campus faculty and staff. She works closely with the student-athletes assisting with class scheduling, assessment of various academic options, selection of tutors, monitors each student-athletes’ academic progress, and continuing eligibility. Prior to joining the CATS staff in August 2014, Passion was an academic advisor with the Gatton College of Business and Economics here at the University of Kentucky for seven and a half years… full bioemail
        • Jon Ross – Academic Counselor/Football
          • Jon Ross Jon Ross began working at the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services in August 2005. Jon’s day-to-day responsibilities include serving as the academic advisor for the Men’s Swimming and Football teams, managing the textbook program for scholarship student-athletes, and staffing CATS study hall monitors. Jon received a B.A. in Education from the University of Kentucky in 2002 and a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from UK in 2005… full bioemail
        • Michael Stone – Senior Academic Counselor/Men’s Basketball and Baseball
          • Michael Stone Michael Stone has worked with student-athletes in the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS) since 1998 and began advising the Kentucky men’s basketball team in 2000… full bioemail
    Academic Services  Assistants
    Weston Below Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Men’s Golf
    Victoria Clark Women’s Track and Field, Men’s Tennis
    Andrea Graham Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Gymnastics
    Jacquelynn Clark Football
    Jordan Hoehler Men’s Basketball
    Darrell Hunter Football
    Maya Lynum-Walker Women’s Baketball, Rifle, and Women’s Tennis
    Riley Plenge Football
    Zach West Men’s Track and Field, Women’s Golf
    Oliver White Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving
    Diane McCain Tutor Program